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Wedding trends For 2020

In 2019, the wedding season was all about individuality, glamor, and muted tones of beige, blush, and burgundy. The new season seems to be leaning towards a more ethereal, fairytale vibe with modern eco-friendly touches and stronger colors. 

Weddings are becoming increasingly budget-friendly, with couples making crowdfunding campaigns to pay for the reception and encouraging the guests to donate to a special cause instead of bringing wedding gifts. 

Additionally, they may prefer “mini-moons”, honeymoons in the same country, or “buddy moons” with friends, or even group weddings.

Below you’ll find the run-down of wedding attire, food, decor, and other 2020 wedding trends.

The Attire

As a wedding photographer I’ve noticed that the individuality trend is still going strong with wedding attire, but fairytale-like wedding gowns are also making a comeback. 

Renting wedding day outfits is considered budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious.

Wedding dresses

Tulle seems to be the fabric of the season. Cold shoulder and off-shoulder dresses are the highlight styles. Ruffles and big wedding bows are also common. Strapless gowns are slowly going out of style.

Princess-style ball gowns with regal high collars or wide sleeves are a great match for a fantasy wedding. If you don’t like the high collars, deep plunging necklines are also making a comeback.

Many brides would also try to bring the old styles into 2020 with rebellious accessories, such as leather jackets, tattoos, headbands, and pastel-colored hair.

Suit pants (and even shorts) have been slowly creeping up into every collection. Various designers have attempted to make them look more feminine if that’s what you prefer.

Corsetry and refined waists dominate all the styles. Aside from that, there’s a general trend towards comfortable dresses and multi-piece dresses that can be switched up for a different look throughout the day. 

If money isn’t an issue, many brides are opting for two separate wedding dresses, which is a current celebrity trend.

Many brides would like to customize their dresses even further by including bespoke embroidery. For example, they may include their new initials on a concealed part of the dress, or even some words or lyrics with a special meaning to them.

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Bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids follow carriage 1000

Bridesmaids’ dresses can have slightly different styles to fit each bridesmaid’s personality. They can be all the same color or be a mix of two contrasting colors. 

Cold-shoulder straps and off-shoulder are common styles. Dresses should be generally comfortable, easy to wear and re-wear for other occasions.

Wedding Suits

Unlike dresses, suit trends tend to be more long-term. Modern grooms have ditched the boxy black tuxedo in favor of a more tailored, tapered, and form-fitting suit. 

The choice of color is no longer limited to the accessories. You can go with a light grey or deep blue suit for a clean look, or you can opt for something bolder. There’s currently more room to experiment with different patterns and colors.

Grooms may choose to sneak in some of the wedding colors into their suits. For example, by personalizing the color of the stitching around the last buttonhole on their sleeves.

White jackets and all-white suits are an excellent choice for beach weddings.

As for materials, most grooms would appreciate the practical simplicity of 4-season wool and cotton. Some styles also make use of silk, particularly long tail-coats.

For more 2020 wedding suit styles, check this link.

The Food

This season is moving away from traditional, three-course meals in favor of more casual, healthier foods. Open buffets, food stations, and finger foods may be preferable.

Modern couples are more conscious of the dietary restrictions of their friends and family and may offer vegan and “free-from” options, even if they don’t need them it themselves. 

The environment is a big concern in 2020, so expect plastic-free cutlery, recycled paper plates, and local organic produce.

Wedding cake

Wedding cakes have evolved from traditional desserts into picture-perfect pieces of art. Multi-tiered cakes are all the rage these days, the more tiers, the better. Some can be up to 14 tiers long!

Buttercream cakes with fault-line frosting are the hottest new trend. The fault-line can be filled with fruit slices, flowers, macaroons, and so on. 

This season also features beautiful, palette painted cakes with floral decorations. They are perfect for a whimsical, fantasy theme.

Another style to consider is the monogrammed cake, where a letter of choice is hand-painted onto the side of the cake for an elegant and personal touch.

“Cakesicles” and cake-pops are handheld, elegant treats that can be endlessly customized and are perfect for more casual weddings. Add sprinkles for a colorful twist.

Lemons are becoming trendy thanks to the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding cake. We recommend lemon slices to fill the fault-lines of a buttercream fault-line cake.

The Decor

In 2020, wedding decor is all about that whimsical, fairytale, escapist atmosphere. An outdoor wedding may be a good idea. Mansions, castles, or even meadows would make great venues. 

Inner-city weddings are also becoming a favorite choice of many. Guests can expect to find photo-friendly balloon walls and wall murals.

For the flowers, expect locally-grown seasonal flowers, dried flowers, and wildflowers. Bouquets and flower arrangements may contain leafy greens and unusual plants; they tend to be messier and more natural-looking. The setting may even feature live flowers as part of the landscape. 

Speaking of flowers, flower crowns may be preserved for pets! Dogs may also act as ring-bearers.

This season’s colors are bold, including hot pinks, fuschia, and neo mint. There’s less focus on the traditional bi-tone of weddings in favor of the general atmosphere and lighting. Lampshades, hanging pendants, and chandeliers are getting more popular, especially chandeliers under trees and pergolas with hanging fairy lights.

To Sum Up

A wedding in 2020 will be all about the environment and the romantic fantasy landscape. Modern couples generally have less money to spend on weddings and may use crowdfunding, rentals, and local honeymoons as a way to reduce the budget. 

Classic fairytale gowns, with more personal touches and fashion-forward twists on the attire are to be expected. Weddings, in general, are trying to focus less on religion and politics.

The guests should be able to enjoy a healthier, more sustainable choices and a casual atmosphere, most likely in a castle, mansion, or an inner-city destination.

In the end, remember that you don’t need to follow any trends. They’re useful for getting ideas, but your wedding is still your special occasion that you get to customize however you see fit.