Rachel & Mike

Wedding of Rachel & Mike

A lovely church wedding for this young bride and groom and a reception in a stately home with croquet on the lawn! 

Sonja had two of the cutest bridesmaids ever who looked adorable in their dresses, giving us many opportunities to get cute photos of them in lovely surroundings. 

Wedding preps started at Sonja’s home at 10 a.m  (where she has some stables to keep the horses she loves). Her love of everything equestrian was carried through to the wedding day by her desire for the carriage you see in the wedding photos below.

Sonja and Noel showed no signs of nerves prior to the ceremony, both were extremely relaxed and seemed to enjoy every minute of the build up.

The black horses and wedding carriage were very impressive and is run as a family business, well known to Sonja. 

The whole wedding day went smoothly and thankfully both loved their wedding album.

Rachels make up 3 colour
Bridesmaids chatting
Father of the bride with friends
Bride prep room
Wedding abstract mirror
Rachel checks shoes
R & M wedding invite
Rachels make up artist
Bridesmaid lipstick
Rachel highlight
Rachel through the doorway
Bride Rachel with gift teddy
Bridesmaid checks hair
Rachels prep room 3
Bridesmaid make up 3
Rachels ready
Rachel Make up 4
Rachel in mirror 2
Rachels fits shoes
Rachel by the window
Rachel watches bridesmaid
Rachel in the mirror
Bride Rachel during preps
Rachel hairspray
Rachel gets veil fitted
Rachel checks veil
Rachel poses with bridesmaids
Rachel cheers with bridesmaids
Rachel & Bridesmaids set off
Rachel in car with father
R & M Bridesmaids in car 4
Groom mike waiting
Groomsmen waiting for Rachel
Best man waiting
Rachel arrives 3
Rachel helped out of car
Rachel & bridesmaids arrive at church
Rachel and Mike at alter
Rachel sees ring
R & M usher with confetti
Rachel & Mike after married 2
R & M church doorway
Rachel kisses Best Man
R & M in church doorway
Rachel & Mike in car
R & M bride and groom drink champagne in wedding car
R & M under arches
Rachel with wind in veil
R & M & bridesmaids
Rachel & Mike B & W
Bride rachel croquet 2
R&M enter the reception
R & M Silhouette
Rachel & Mike hug in Library 1
R & M under Tree
R & M bride and Groom 1
Bride rachel croquet 2
Groom Mike speech
R & M father of the bride at reception
R & M Groomsmen table
R & M Groomsmen speeches
Rachel Mike reception party 1
R & M Party 3
R & M reception 2

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