Rachel & Mike

Rachel & Mike’s Wedding

It was a pleasure to photograph Rachel and Mike’s wedding. We were there for the full day, including Rachel’s full preparations up until the first dance and beyond.

The day flowed beautifully and the weather was kind. We wish them every happiness in their future together.

Bride Rachel Before preps
Bride Rachel with Bridesmaids on Sofa
Father of the bride with friends
Bride Rachel's Teddy
Wedding Table Place holder for Rachel & Mikes Wedding
Bride Rachel's Dress
Bride Rachel Preps 1
Bride Rachel Preps 2
Bridesmaid in mirror
Through doorway to bride Rachel
Through doorway to Rachel preps
Rachel Checking wedding dress
Makeup for bridesmaid
Makeup bridesmaid with Rachel
Rachel Mirror close up
Groom with best man waiting
Bride at window
Bride getting veil fitted
testing brides veil
Last minute makeup adjustments for the bride
Vicar at the church getting ready for the wedding
Bride gets into the wedding car
Bride and father of the bride in the wedding car
Groom pacing outside the church
Groomsmen waiting at the curch
Bridesmaids in the car setting off for the ceremony
Bride and bridesmaids arrive at the church
Bride Rachel with Father and bridesmaids
Father leads bride down the isle
Bride with groom at church
Groom Mike sees Rachel in wedding dress for first time
Bride sees the wedding rings
Bride and groom sign register
Champagne in the wedding car
Bride Rachel and Grrom Mike kiss in the wedding car
Rachel & Mike Wedding photos-couple by wedding car
Bride and groom before reception
Bride and groom share a tender moment
Bride and Groom on the balcony
Bride and Groom hug on the balcony
Bride, Groom and Groomsmen play croquet
Bride and Groom enter the reception
Rachel and Mike enter wedding reception
Rachel and Mike tender kiss
Rachel and Mike Silhouette

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