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As a photographer in Perth, WA, I’m tasked with a variety of projects that span numerous genres. No two weeks are the same which helps to keep my skillset sharp and keen for more.

I’m as happy in front of my computer as I am behind the lens. I like to get the shot as good as possible in-camera, but also find it extremely rewarding to get creative in post production.

I have spent many years creating digital artwork at design agencies which has stood me in good stead for getting the best out of any photograph. My photo retouching skills are second to none.

photographer in Perth

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Many Perth photographers focus on one type of photography, such as weddings. I prefer to limit the number of weddings that I do per year and fill my time with a broader variety of photography work.

I believe that this keeps my appetite high for each type and actually makes me a better all round photographer.

Each area of photography comes with its own challenges and rewards. As a Perth photographer weddings can seem like the obvious area to focus on but I feel that this would blunt enthusiasm over a long period of time. By diversifying, I remain fresh in my approach and desire.

Most businesses intent on building a unique brand are aware of the power of commercial photography for things like content marketing and social media campaigns.

With good planning, a lot of good quality, unique photographs can be created and stored as a brand library for a forward thinking business. This photographic brand library can be called upon and repurposed many times over for all kinds of marketing needs.


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