• Father of two lovely daughters
  • Avid traveler
  • Coffee addict
  • Gym junkie (to work off the muffins that go with my coffee!)




I’ve been creating things for as long as I can remember. When I was a young boy I’d always be drawing or painting. Art was always the school subject in which I excelled. I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to follow my passions and get rewarded for them.

Photography took quite some time to take hold of me. It was a major part of my degree course but this was pre digital cameras, and although cutting my teeth on film was fabulous, it was also restrictive.

I was totally consumed at this time and for many years after, by a love for painting. I managed to leave college with a distinction and land a fantastic job as a commercial artist for an international blue chip company.

Eventually, the changes in the marketplace and the rapid pace of technology soon thrust a digital camera into my hands. This was perfect timing as my career had begun to feel stale and I was ready for a new challenge.

The combination of digital camera, powerful software and mac computer allowed the imagination to run wild and a new passion was born. 

Initially I focused on weddings and portraits but soon moved into more commercial work as demand increased.

Adding video into the service offering was almost inevitable as the capabilities of cameras and their versatility exploded.

I’m often asked what my favourite genre is and without doubt it’s landscape photography. This pretty much encompasses everything I love – travel, image creation and being immersed in nature. If my daughters tag along too, then it’s perfection.

That brings me neatly to one of the joys of shooting weddings, as one or both of my young daughters will usually assist me on the day.